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Quick Developing Spray Tans

Have you ever wondered about quick developing spray tans? They are a convenient way to achieve a beautiful tan in a 1-4hr. time frame. However, it's important to understand that we are not in control of how dark the tan will get, as this will be entirely up to you. For those new to sunless tanning, we do not recommend quick-developing tans and suggest a trial run before important events to determine the ideal timing for your desired results.

  • Monitor your tan closely during the development window.

  • Shower when you feel your tan has reached a shade darker than desired.

  • Tan will lighten after showering.

  • Showering when you feel your color is perfect is not advised, as it may lighten further during the shower.

  • Your tan may develop after showering, resulting in an additional 2 to 3 shades of darkening in most cases.

  • Once you achieve your desired shade, use Polish during your first shower to prevent further darkening and ensure an even tan.

Quick Developing Spray Tans
Quick Developing Spray Tans


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