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  • Why 360 Tans?
    -We have been certified and trained in performing custom spray tans since 2005. -We use the best airbrush tanning solution on the market today. -We never charge extra for darker or lighter shades. -NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR MULTIPLE COATS or QUICK DEVELOPING SHADES -50+ color options
  • Is spray tanning a good choice for fair complexions?
    At 360 Tans we are capable of making our fairest skinned clients’ airbrush tan look flawless. and natural. We know that you cannot use the same airbrush tanning solution on fair skin as you would on dark complexions, for this reason we have a solution that has been formulated for fair skin. It has a very natural appearance and will not turn you orange. Perfect for red heads.
  • How many color options does 360 Tans have?
    We have over 50+ color/level variations. More selection then most makeup brands. This allows us to cater to all skin types. From the fairest to the darkest skin. We have clients who are looking for a timeless glow and some who want to look like they just got back from a tropical vacation.
  • How long will my airbrush tan last?
    Normally your airbrush tan lasts between 7 – 14 days. Over the years, we have learned simple steps in order to educate you to help you maintain your airbrush tan. We recommend using proper moisturizers to lock in your tan afterwards and we will provide you with a tip sheet that explains all of the finer details of maintaining your airbrush tan.
  • What do I wear?
    It’s a matter of your comfort level and what type of tan lines you would like. We do supply disposable thongs and boxers (NO EXTRA CHARGE) for our airbrush tanning clients. You are welcome to wear your own undergarments or swimsuit.
  • How does airbrush tanning work?
    We have NGTI certified airbrush technicians on site to carefully evaluate your skin type and produce a solution formulated specifically for your skin. All airbrush tans are applied through a hand held airbrush gun that sprays a fine mist over your skin.
  • Do you offer quick developing tans?
    Yes, and we do not charge extra for this formula. We do recommend quick developing tans for the more experienced sunless tanner. The reason for this is because you will be responsible for how dark the tan becomes. This can be overwhelming to clients who are unfamiliar with this service.

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